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Enter to win a prestigious award, local publicity and an advertising package.

This is your opportunity to showcase your business to a panel of judges made up of local business professionals and its a great opportunity to utilise the awards category criterias to assess your business and see how far you have come since you were first established.
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Why enter?

This is your opportunity to showcase your business to a panel of judges made up of local business professionals and its great opportunity to utilise the awards category criterias to assess your business and see how far you have come since you were first established.

You could win a prestigious award, local publicity and an advertising prize.

There are no disadvantages to entering; only advantages and here are some of the reasons:

1. Shout from the rooftops

Use an award on all corporate literature and advertising, on your website, in your newsletters.

2. Use it as a tool for your business pitches

Drive home the fact that you are the best in your field.

3. Third party endorsement

Winning or being shortlisted for an award acts as a third party endorsement.

4. Publicity

Award success presents a great story for the media. Many award organisers and sponsors actively arrange press coverage on your behalf, opening up your business to new audiences.

5. Attract talent to your business

Smart employees want to work for the best.

6. Differentiate your business from your competitors

When a potential client or investor is sizing you up against your competitors, a business award could just give you the edge.

7. Reflect on your successes

The application process is simple and provides an opportunity to reflect on your successes.

8. Expert in your field

Winning or being short listed for an award can cement your reputation as a trusted authority in your field.

9. Network with fellow business leaders

Attending an awards dinner give you the opportunity to network with other business leaders and professionals.

10. Boost staff morale and retention

Achieving recognition in business awards can have a positive effect on staff morale, motivation and retention as it acknowledges their contribution to your business success.

Lifetime Achievement Award

This award recognises a business person or organisation whose culture and commercial principles are targeted at bringing a greater good and solving social challenges for our local communities. The award is for those businesses people in West Suffolk that have made a positive difference to the area with pioneering ideas and approaches with a sustainable and lasting business model.

Abbeycroft Leisure - Main Sponsor 2018

Customer Service Award

This award recognises individuals and teams who have demonstrated exceptional customer service and follow through by delivering ‘above and beyond’ customer expectations.

Our Bury St Edmunds

The West Suffolk Award for Innovation

The West Suffolk Award for Innovation celebrates West Suffolk businesses who are actively investing in Research & Development, delivering innovative products and solutions within their sector. Judges would like to recognise the excellence achieved by the area’s leading companies. If you are an innovative, forward thinking company then we want to hear from you. Any business based within West Suffolk, regardless of industry sector, can enter this award.

Treatt PLC

Apprentice / Trainee of the Year

The Apprenticeship Awards challenge top apprentices across the area to come forward and show how apprenticeships have made a real difference to their organisation and careers. The award will recognise apprentices or trainees who have made a significant contribution to their workplaces.

WS Training

Green / Environment Award

The judges are looking to celebrate those organisations and individuals undertaking genuinely unique work that can be emulated by the wider business community and serve to drive green growth. As such each entry will be judged against three over-arching criteria: innovation, applicability and competitiveness.


Best New Startup Business

We want to hear from new businesses with big ambitions – For businesses that have been trading for less than 3 complete financial years. Judges will be looking for the “X Factor” of a new idea or a new business concept.


Business of the Year

We’re looking for an outstanding business whose growth, ambition and quality of management has enabled it to out-perform its peers financially, and for a company that has delivered on a compelling business strategy.

Suffolk Chamber – Bury St Edmunds, Newmarket & District, Haverhill & District

Employee of the Year

Nominees for this award will have gone the extra mile in their job to achieve something amazing, or overcome adversity in their professional life and continued to deliver an excellent service. The person should be a role model to their colleagues.

West Suffolk College

Contribution to the Community

This award recognises a business or business person who has made a positive contribution to the local community, making an extra effort to bring the community together or those who go out of their way to help others or a charity. The award is for those who make an outstanding contribution to the community or improving the locality for the benefit of everyone.

Portcullis Group

Business Leader of the Year

This Business Award was created to recognise the business personality who best represents achievement and longevity. Synonymous with his or her business sector in the area, the award acknowledges the winner’s sustained achievements within the business community during a distinguished career.

Ashtons Legal

The West Suffolk Young Entrepreneur Award

Aged 30 or under, this award recognises an individual whose entrepreneurial flair, creativity and dynamism has enabled them to achieve a level of business success that belies their age. This individual may have come up with a new process or product or may be utilising their acumen to compete in their chosen field or on a global level. Judges will be looking for an outstanding young person who will be a beacon of inspiration to those with entrepreneurial flair and talent irrespective of age and sector.

West Suffolk Councils

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